New Resident's Kit

14 Basic Essentials Dogs All dogs must be registered when they reach 3 months of age and then re- registered each year on 1 July. Annual dog registration renewals are sent out in early July and payable by the 31 August. Please ensure your dog always wears its collar and registration tag and your current details are updated on the microchip and the Dog & Cats Online website to ensure us reuniting your dog should it ever become lost. Dogs & Cats – Mandatory Desexing and Microchipping It is a requirement under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 that all dogs and cats are microchipped regardless of age. All dogs and cats born from 1 July 2018 are also required to be desexed unless the owner is registered as a breeder. Charles Sturt is caring for animals Charles Sturt is a healthy place to live As a resident within the City of Charles Sturt you have the right and also the responsibility to ensure that the City is a safe and healthy place to live. Within the Public Health and Safety business unit we are responsible for Environmental Health issues. The scope is very diverse and areas that we deal with include: • Immunisation & communicable diseases • Unsightly properties • European wasps • Food complaints • Mosquitoes • Water quality issues • Wood heater smoke • Insanitary conditions If you have a concern relating to any one of these areas you are able contact the Environmental Health Team on 8408 1111 . More information on these topics is available under the Services menu on Council’s website.