November 2009

St Clair Reserve Land Swap

The Proposal

The proposal is to swap 4.7 hectares of St Clair Reserve (The whole reserve is approximately 10 hectares in total area) for 4.7 hectares of adjoining land ("Sheridan/Actil land") to be developed with new ovals, playing areas, lighting, toilets and change rooms etc.

The effect of this will be to reconfigure St Clair, so that the same amount of open space is retained. This open space however will connect to the 17 hectares, or 35% of open space to provided on the former Cheltenham Racecourse site.  


St Clair Reserve map

Land Revocation, what  does it mean?

Open space that is owned by Council is identified and protected under the Local Government Act by a 'Community Land' status. If this status is removed (revoked) from part of the land at St Clair Reserve then the land could be 'swapped' for an equal amount of adjoining land located on the former Sheridan/Actil factory site. This land would be developed as public open space and would have 'community land' status placed on it, therefore continuing the level of protection that currently exists. The land swap would be for an equal amount of land (approx. 4.7 hectares), which means there is no net loss of open space or community land.

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The community benefits

Swapping the location of the public open space would achieve the following positive outcomes for the entire community:



Contamination fact sheet

There was some contamination on the former Sheridan/Actil factory site at Woodville however the site has now been remediated and an Environment Protection Authority (EPA) accredited Environmental Auditor is now process of finalising a certification confirming the safe use of the site for playing field and open space purposes.


artists impression

Significant Trees

Council's arborist has identified 23 significant trees on the current St Clair Reserve area proposed to be swapped. Of these 23 trees, 16 are healthy and the other 7 are in declining health and/or poor structure. The Land Management Corporation (LMC) has provided a written undertaking of its intention to retain these trees if the revocation and land swap proceeds.

If the land swap proceeds the LMC will work with Council and the community on a master plan for the site that will retain as many trees as possible.

In addition, the Joint Venture developer have indicated that they will plant more than 2,000 street trees and many more in the 17 hectare open space area proposed throughout the former racecourse, former Sheridan/Actil factory site and surrounds, which will add significantly to the green amenity of the area.


Details of the consultation process



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