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| November/December 2015


Labs ‘n Life

at the Brocas

Operating fromThe Brocas on

Woodville Road on Tuesday

mornings, Labs ‘n Life provides

young people who are

experiencing significant barriers

to a positive involvement at

school with the opportunity to

learn how to train a Labrador as

a companion dog for children on

the Autism Spectrum.

The program encourages

positive life decision- making

by youth who may be at risk of

marginalisation through various

life circumstances.

Mayor Angela Evans said the

Council were thrilled to be part of

this program.

Labs ‘n Life is a not-for-profit, community

based organisation whichmotivates young

people to become confident, creative, active

and informed citizens through the help of

some furry friends.

War on Signs

Ever heard the


“what goes up,must

come down”?Well,

signage is generally an

exception to this rule!

We’ve noticed a build-up of

signs across Charles Sturt. These

signs can have inconsistent

wording, and duplicate other

controls already in place. Many

also have a particularly negative

tone, focussing on all the

things people cannot do, and

sometimes we just put up more

than are necessary.

In response, our Council has

declared a “war on signs” aimed

at removing surplus signs from

roads and reserves. This project

has come on the heels of a

successful similar project run

by Mosman Council in NSW,

which has since been picked up

by a number of councils across


A major focus will be on

removing signs to reduce visual

pollution. However, we’ll also be

taking the opportunity to review

and improve our messaging,

and highlight facilities that are


“Bag it

and bin it!”


the dog poo fairy.

Tell us what you think of our new signs.



To sta

rt off, the Council will

be trialling the appoach in an

area in Hindmarsh early next

year. This area has a multitude

of complex parking and traffic

control signs, and will provide a

good idea of the costs involved

in sign removal and the use

of other controls (such as line


The Council has also identified

four parks (Collins Reserve,

McInerney Reserve, Inlet Reserve

and Albert Greenshield Reserve)

to trial a number of different

alternatives to the information

and advisory signs currently in


ll be using our Your

Say website to seek feedback

from the community as to

whether these new sign designs

are effective and encourage all

residents to participate in this


Once the trial is complete, the

project will be assessed and

consideration given to the

potential for rolling it out to

different areas of Charles Sturt.

“Labs ‘n Life provides young

people with a sense of pride

in knowing that they’re doing

something that will have a

positive effect on the lives of

others,” said Mayor Evans.

Labs ‘n Life has been operating

from various locations in South

Australia for the past seven years,

and now offers



each week across the State.

The group are always seeking

volunteers and donations (either

cash, dog food or bedding) to

assist them in running their

program. Further information

can be found on their website